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Cycle Claims & Push Bike Accident Compensation Solicitors

Cycle claims and push bike accident compensation claims against motorists are on the rise.

Statistics show that cycling accidents are on the increase with claims for compensation against motorists rising at the same rate. Government sources put the increase in cycle claims down to three major factors: The increase in cyclists taking up cycling as the greener option; the rise in petrol and city centre congestion charges and more cyclists ignoring the basic traffic code and causing more cycling accidents as a result.

Cycle Claims

If you have been in a cycling accident you can make a claim providing it can be established that your cycle accident claim was the fault of someone else. Insurance companies are getting more reluctant to pay out or prepared to contest some claims as a result of more cyclists ignoring even the most basic traffic laws and flouting the law as if it doesn’t apply to them.

If you have been involved in a bike accident and been injured as a result, it is essential that you engage an injury compensation lawyer who can fight your case and gain you the maximum compensation owed to you.

Push Bike Accident Compensation Claim Solicitors

Cycle claim have specialist compensation lawyers who specialise in push bike accidents and are best qualified to deal with cycle claims. Our injury lawyers know the real value of any possible claim and will ensure you get 100% of any compensation paid out.

Why Statistics Show Cycle Claims Against Motorists Are Rising

The new breed of cyclists that are now using cycling as the greener option or trying to avoid paying congestion charges appear to be most prone to traffic accidents. However, a too high percentage of these claimants are having problems claiming compensation because the drivers of the cars that hit them are claiming that the accident happened as a result of the cyclist’s irresponsible behaviour and was therefore the cyclists fault.

In some cases the accident may well have been the fault of the cyclist but there seems to be a growing culture among car drivers who think that cyclists are more of a nuisance and even deserving of any accident they find themselves involved in. As a result more compensation claims are been contested and this is why you need us to help you with any cycle accident claims.

You will qualify to make Cycle Claims for an accident if:

Yes, 100% Free Bicycle Accident Compensation ClaimsThe accident happened in the last three years

Yes, 100% Free Bicycle Accident Compensation ClaimsIt was not your fault

Yes, 100% Free Bicycle Accident Compensation ClaimsYou can show that you were injured as a result of the accident and/or your bicycle and/or clothing was damaged

Cycle Accident Compensation Claims by Cycle Claim
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